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Money Magnet Secrets

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A few years ago I was doing
pretty well with his  personal business, then a family tragedy sideswiped us,
and I was left in a lot of debt. That low point in my life forced me to discover
the diamond in the rough, and realize how to quickly climb my way back to
wealth. I discovered wealth secrets, a wealth mentality, that only the wealthy
are accustomed to. And sometimes, they don’t even realize they have it, but it’s
always there. I’ll save my full story for a future time; today I want to get quickly
into some tricks I’ve learned along the way. There is a bigger story, and a grander
opportunity to re-frame some of society’s false beliefs about wealth, but that’s
not for today. Let’s start with some fun stuff. These are “weird tricks” I’ve learned
from my personal mentors, and I’m sharing them because they are fun and can
get you unexpected and quick results in attracting money. I’ve used them to earn
income passively and buy a Porsche sports car (that cost the price of a house,
which I never thought I’d ever be able to own), purchase 2 dream homes, and
travel the world.

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