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Tools for motivation. There are many ways to be motivated. As a minority not knowing how to find ways to self-motivate. When I join my second online business I discovered motivational videos. I didn’t even know these things existed so many videos on uplifting people encouraging people showing people how to say self-motivated without needing anyone else to help you. Learning how to motivate yourself and stay motivated. Also learning how important motivation is. As a kid growing up I have both of my parents in the house. One of the things you always want to hear and see your parents say “you did good”. I don’t know what that’s like. I never heard my parents say that I didn’t think you meant much as a kid . Until I had a friend who mom told him that all the time. One day I asked my mom why she didn’t say it. She turned and cussed me out. I’ll find out later my mom didn’t do it because I guess you just didn’t know how. So as an adult learning what it means the people you care about I’ll let them know that you’re proud of them when they do good. It’s importants to do that for them not for validation. Motivation bleakstar 300x170 - Motivtional Toolsir?source=bk&t=theentrepr0d3 20&bm id=default&l=kia&linkId=238c15fd43ec35c381475ff943cdf2d9& cb=1512880900784 - Motivtional Tools But just to let them know how much you really care. In learning how to motivate myself. Because …..I’m still learning how to I’m always finding different ways to do so. And it makes me feel good when I can spread the word and show someone else how to do the same thing .


Here is some of the ways I stay motivated. I adopted these ways from a famous businessman and a motivational speaker. Grant Cardone and Eric Thomas. I take the philosophy are these two gentlemen Appliance to my life. Listening, reading and watching something on a day-to-day that’s uplifting. Grant says it’s a totally new way of learning and it is. Traditional teaching methods don’t do this. So you could check out the motivational page when you can pick up motivational audio and books for yourself motivation. A lot of these books I have personally red and audios I personally own. Check them out please leave a comment tell me what you think. They are really life changing for me and said my mindset for me to think differently about life in business.

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