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Empower motivation for entrepreneurs tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs in business. Promotion of mental health, motivational tip. Hosted on the anchor platform where anyone can have a podcast. Available this platformes



Premium Chicago  Lifestyle Brand made by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs . Designed and manufactured in the USA.  The entrepreneur lifestyle involves many different things. There's many product an entrepreneur uses and their day to day life to conduct business and in his or her personal life. This blog will contain different products  reviews, stories reviews , motivational pieces such as video, audio & more.  A lot of these elements I have used personally life and in business. They have helped me change my...

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The Elite Smart card The Ultimate Business Card

Change the way you view and share business cards and contact info. Sure there’s already a way to send and share Digital Mobile Business Cards but it’s time consuming to pull out a phone, open an app, find your card, type in prospect phone number or email then FINALLY send card! Why go through all of that when you can simply TAP your card on any compatible *Smartphone and INSTANTLY share contact information, website or social...

Entrepreneur Gear Web Tour & Reviews

Good Vibe Tshirt Fresh Dough Check out the review The Good Vibes t-shirt it's awesome great quality. It comes in a multitude of colors. The Good Vibes t-shirt makes a statement only bringing in the Good Vibes only. The money Club fresh dough Snack Pack is 30% wool the rest all cotton. Great forsummer time nice cool and warm in winter. Fresh dough means we always working hard to kept money coming with multiple streams of income "Fresh Dough " Clothing, Men, Mens T-Shirts Good...

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My Discovery Motivational Video My Playlist

This motivational playlist. Is some of the first motivational videos I discovered when I first started watching YouTube. I didn't know much about YouTube. All I really knew that you can watch music videos YouTube. Still a friend of mine (Dwight Pain) show me about a network marketing business show me the video on YouTube. Im checking out these videos. And I click on one but I didn't mean to click on. Then I see Eric Thomas. At that...

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