About Us

Mission, Vision & Goal

We are The Entrepreneur Gear Life, The Original The Entrepreneur Gear Life Brand, a social media content-driven lifestyle brand dedicated to representing entrepreneurship, the hustle, and everything in between.


With quality over quantity, we bring you the best of the self-made culture mixed with contemporary design. We are dedicated to creating quality lifestyle goods designed as an inspiration for the user to pursue their own entrepreneurial journey.

We will continue building the dream team and never lose sight of our mission of building a culture rooted in the mindset of “creating your own reality” through transparency and value driven content. We will over-serve our customers and always strive to produce better product.

We will create a main line of high end garments better than what is offered by high fashion brands for a fraction of the price. Once this is established, we will produce limited edition collections by season to provide an individual/different look for our customers.

We are building a culture rooted in business, design, and innovative fashion. The Entrepreneur Gear Life is an exclusive digital direct to consumer lifestyle brand for entrepreneurs that seek exceptional quality clothing that can be worn in any setting. We have crafted the best online shopping experience for our consumers offering the finest wearables and excellent customer service to be delivered in a fast and efficient way.

Our mission is to bridge entrepreneurship and the fashion world together. Watch along as we build a lifestyle brand from the ground up right before your eyes. We will prove that with relentless action and unprecedented persistence comes great reward. If you are on the path to creating a lifestyle for yourself, you are the embodiment of The Entrepreneur Gear Life.

We’ll see you at the top, Tom Skinner.


What our client says about us

I love the originality of the clothing and the amazing service of Entrepreneurgearlife.  They have excellent products and you have to be an Entrepreneur to understand the meaning behind the brand.  Great customer service and I recommend this brand to all entrepreneurs who want to make a statement.  To my man, Tom Skinner…will be putting in more orders soon!

Harold Ladson

Harold Ladson

Harold LadsonEntrepreneur/Business Owner

I’ve known Tom for about 4 1/2 years and we got together and talked about creating his very own clothing website. After staring The Money Club I’ve decided to design him a website called The Entrepreneur Gear Life that took him to another level in the clothing business. I’m very proud of him that he learned what I’ve showed him in this type of business. TMC / NBM Much love and success my brother!

Albert Ebanks

Albert Ebanks

Albert EbanksFounder/CEO - The Money Club