Lume Cube Mobile Creator kit

Lume Cube Mobile Creator kit

Lumecube is a great Vlogging Kit that features a tripod, grip, and head-mount. These Lumecube accessories can help you capture professional-looking images for your YouTube or other video profile. When you are done filming, the Lumecube automatically locks into position to create stability when you’re not using it too.

This kit is currently available for $60 on Amazon that includes a Lumecube tripod, fixed base grip, and head mount. The Lumecube is compatible with iPhone X, 8 Plus/8, 7 Plus/7, and 6s Plus/6s. It is also compatible with GoPro Hero5 Black and Session or smaller sized cameras up to 4”x2”.

The Lumecube can support a camera that is up to 600g or 23oz. It features a rubberized coating that will help you secure your phone in place when you are filming a video. With the Lumecube, you can create professional-looking footage and frame shots without any additional accessories. This kit is extremely lightweight at only 6.3oz to make it easy to travel with and set up your equipment anywhere that you need it.

The Lumecube can also be used with a tripod. Add the tripod to your camera setup and you will be able to capture crystal clear video, whether you are filming in a stadium or around an office building. tripod, grip/head mount, and smartphone holder.

The Lumecube tripod is made of aluminum alloy that can keep your camera stable when shooting videos or taking selfies. It’s compact and has many settings you can set to make it more flexible in any situation. It also comes with a ball head and 360-degree rotation knob for better accuracy when you are aiming the camera towards your choice of subject matter.

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lumecube Mobile Creator kit Review

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